Footage from Tamandua Expeditions

Finally, after so much time, I’ve finally gotten a hold on all the footage I shot during my two months shooting with Tamandua Expeditions. I can’t wait to return to shoot more and it was a load of fun editing. Watch it before they take it down for the music….

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Harriman Hike

This is what you get when you mix hiking on an overcast day, an iPhone 4 and a first time use Windows Live Movie Maker. Yes, I said Windows Live Movie Maker.

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Harriman Hiking

Harriman state park, a park that I’ve largely underestimated over the years, is the second largest state park in the state of New York. It’s accessibility always made me believe it was less special, less “out there” – less in tune with nature. Have I really started judging a state park on whether it was more or less in tune with nature? I should be grateful they have preserved it this long and there aren’t condos and walmarts all over the place!

It’s been a “workout week”. If I wasn’t working (at the climbing gym) I was at the gym anyways, actually climbing. I’ve woken up with sore fingers every morning – a pain that feels quite productive. Today, I thought about climbing but realized a hike was a better use of my energy. Besides, with the Devil’s Path less than 5 days away, it was time to put my arms on hold.

This 5 mile hike turned into a gear testing session, a photo/video taking session, and a body thermo-regulation session all in one. Here’s how it turned out:

Gear Testing:

Ugh. This was my second outing with my brand new pair of Merrell Isotherm 8 Winter Boots. Incredibly warm and comfortable on the first try, I figured I finally bought my first late fall, winter, early spring boots. “These are gonna last,” I told myself. These boots boosted my already stellar thoughts about Merrell.

Then we got to the last leg of the hike. I’ll let the picture tell the rest of the story.


Can you believe that tear! We weren’t even on a strenuous hike!

Photo/Video session:

I’m always amazed with my iPhone 4. It does not have the same capabilities as a trusty Canon or Nikon but damn – for a phone that you carry everyday with you, it’s pretty damn cool. I was able to take some cool in-focus/out-of-focus videos as well as some general photos of the trail.

One reason why Harriman is so underestimated is that many people don’t realize how diverse the park is. Whether you’re going through Harriman’s bogs or across Bald Rocks (where we were today) Harriman can go from looking like a lush forest to a barren wasteland to a post-apocalyptic scene. The latter is really reserved for the tops of the hills were all the trees are dead or have been struck by lightning.

Regardless, here are some pictures to enjoy.




Stay tuned on 360Extremes Expedition Blog for my post about the importance of knowing your body temperature and regulating it accordingly!

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